SHTML SLider with fade Effect:

SHTML SLider with Slide Effect:

SHTML Slider is a basic content html slider. SHTML Slider allows users to create html slides with in a second without any fuzz. User can create any type of slides using SHTML Slider be it a simple html snippet, an image, a youtube or vimeo vieos.



  • Put any html content with in the slides may be video, images or html itself
  • Adjust the timings at your wish
  • Adjust the flow of the slide i.e. from left to right or top to bottom and so on
  • Pause on hover or not.
  • Above all Free to use
  • Move the slides up and down as you wish.
  • Add as many slides you can.

4 thoughts on “Home

    1. nishant

      Hi Jason,

      Yes, you can set link for the page for a individual slide.
      Just use the code like below..

      Hope it would be helpful to you.


    1. nishant


      If you have better knowledge of WordPress and PHP code, you can do it easily.
      Please let us know if you have any further issue.



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